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Technical Rental

ADHDSA works with the leaders in the techical space ensuring that your event has the newest technology and cutting edge equipment.

We pair you and your event with the correct team of engineers and oppertaors allowing us to support you and your events needs from inception to compleation.


At ADHDSA we do not compromise on audio quality as this is the mode of communication between your key note speaker and teh audience. We only use top of the line professional loudspeakers and mixing consoles.

All of the audio equipment we use have been hand selected and meticulusly places on the event and in the venue to ensure that the entire audience is able to recieve inteledgable audio quality and enjoy the event from start to finish.

Wether is is large format out door PA systems or small format coporate meetings we have a wide range of professional loudspeakers able to cater for every event need.


We use some of the worlds top lighting designers and engineers to design a lighting syste that will work with and compliment your events needs.

We treat each event as its own and make sure that each event has the best fixtures available that are able to compliment your events theme.

Audio Visual

Our Audio Visual department keeps up to date with the news in content creation and event contant reproduction through prjectors, LED, holographic prjection and presenter cueing.

Enabling us to deliver contant rich events that support you and your presenters as they deliver their message to the audience.

We make sure that the content we create and reproduce are of the heighest quality on evenery event.

Staging and Structures

The staging and structures we use are paired with each event we undertake. 

Each event needs a different design as to be fresh and new and challenge what has been done and what can be done in the events industry.

We bring the best in staging a structure parteners on board to deliver a safe and sturdy platform for you to show the world who you as our client are and what you stand for.

From small meeting rooms with a simple podium to present from through to multi leve outdoor festival stages we are the company to partner with.

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Barbeque Downs
South Africa

Phone: +27 736 00 9423